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Interview with Jay Jay on UWA awards

Jay Jay Jegathesan from UWA
Entrevista en inglés a  Jay Jay  ( Mr. Jegatheva Jegathesan)

1) How the idea of UWA's challenge was born? How long it have?
Two days before the first mini launch we held in August 2009, which was an RL/SL launch of an astronomy art gallery (some of it still viewable in the UWAinSL Physics building foyer) in celebration of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, Professor Ted Snell, RL Director of the Cultural Precinct at UWA, approached me and asked me what I could do for art in Second Life. At that point I did not know a thing about art in SL, had not visited a single art gallery at all, and had not given a thought to it until that moment.

So I told him.. yes, we can run a year- long art and architecture competition. Not knowing at the time that one year in RL is equivalent to nearly 10 years in SL.

Anyway, this first little RL/SL launch on the 15th of August 2009, was great in that the first of the angels sent from above arrived in the form of Ourania Fizgig of the University of Arizona, an experienced hand to guide the noobs through their first event.

We announced the competition, and the next angel was sent in, and this was quadrapop Lane, well know art champion in SL over a number of years and alumni of UWA. I was worried about getting entries at the time, and thankfully, my instinct told me to ask her to be curator of the art challenge instead of submitting an artwork, and this has been probably the most important of the unexpected collaborations to take place. It was really great she was there as it counterbalanced some of the ‘art legends’ in SL who came and told me I was crazy to plan a year-long challenge. That was a success, and we have now just finished our 2nd year with FreeWee Ling curating.

2) When we talk about best art work of all over the world, which world are we talking?
Planet Earth..... of course restricted to what can be created using Second Life or linked to Second Life

3) Are some artist in SL that were after famous in RL? and vice versa
quite a few artists have major RL art profiles, including Alizarin Goldflake and Scottius Polke.

4) Which is the income from UWA?  Are some contribution from the Faculties in Art formation?
Well... there was contribution from everywhere. Many many inworld residents have contributed, and many art groups too... including Open This End, CARP, Tornado Gallery, Nordan Art, Art Place d-oo-b, Workhouse Gallery, SL Art and a host of others. Also the Vice Chancellery at UWA, Physics, Facilities Management, Arts, The Business School and  LAW

5) How do you manage with lag in the activities that you have to be with many artist at the same time, today many of them crash during the challenge.
well that problem only happens once a year when we have so many gathered together. i guess we manage it by having the 4-sim theatre to turn to when we have major events, but even that was not suficient for the grand finale

6) What do you feel to meet the best artist in SL and what do you feel after do a big effort as the challenge?
Its amazing to meet these artists, and see the amazing things they create. As for the feeling after the effort......  of the challenge... its actually quite a relief that it ended on a good note

7) Do you have the sensation that here in SL the artists can dream with what they cannot do in real life, and to do that it happens in the virtual world.?
Oh of course. Thats why in our challenges we asked people to 'take our breath away'

8) Behind Second Life UWA is Jay Jay Jegathesan, the director of physics in the UWA who instigates the site, who help you with the budget? Do you receive a salary for your work in SL?
We as mentioned the budget for SL we received from many areas. While I dont receive a salary for SL.... my university recognizes me as the lead of the uwa virtual presence and allows e the time to do whats necessary in the virtual wold so long as I manage myself to ensure that all things in my main work are covered.

Here is the link of our blog: HAZLOREAL BLOG

Thank you Jay Jay :)
 Zet667 Avril


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